"Atelier" is a French word which roughly translates to "workshop" and is used primarily to describe an artiat's studio;


REESE ATELIER IGNITE is a workshop for "misfit toys"--a collection of talented people and projects who don't fit [or haven't conformed] to the traditional business model for an architectural design service.

Our people inherently think differently, act collaboratively and work diligently to hone and master 'out-of-the-box' techniques, practices and skill sets that address the modern-day needs of Architecture--space, light, economy, purpose.

We are a full-service workshop specializing in the design and coordination services for modern shelters, adaptive re-use projects and useful places for residential, commercial and civic clientèele. Our style of practice is personal, hands-on, comprehensive and action-oriented.

We have the best clients. We choose our clients over projects in order to create sustainable design at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must.

We're eager to start a conversation, share and create...together.